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With high gas and electricity prices looking like they’re here to stay, it’s more important than ever that we heat our homes in the most efficient way. Using less energy is the best way to cut your bills, but this doesn't mean having to live in a cold, dark home.

Home If you're considering installing most modern surface heating and cooling technology in your home, it’s important to take a long-term view. This investment may look more expensive, but as the cost of gas and electricity continues to rise, the time it takes to get your money back on a short term.
Our home solutions can be one of the best alternatives for every existing or new built buildings to replace the traditional radiator and slit/fan-coil combination.
All NGBS system is in line with the latest European standards and fulfill all regulations related to heating/cooling systems.

The below systems together with the temperature control by rooms can save 20-25% total energy.
Beside of significant energy saving, we can limited the maintenance and service cost of the surface heating and cooling system because this are not requested any cleaning, filter replace or fan motor reparation.
Below mentioned prices are net, not include the VAT. Every system is designed and checked by our designers. We are always working with high quality products. NBGS Hungary Ltd . is undertaking all warranty conditions what is defined by local law.

Every order is delivered directly to the project within 24/48 hours
(valid only for products on stock).


Plastered Ceiling/Wall System »

  • 10x1.3mm PeRT pipe
  • Mounting rail (25mm pitch)
  • Bending support
  • Computer aided design
  • Panel allocation plan

Active Concrete System »

  • 12x1.4mm PeRT pipe
  • Fixing on 150x150/4 steel net
  • Preassembled panels
  • Computer aided design
  • Panel allocation plan

Suspended Ceiling System »

  • 10x1.3mm PeRT pipe
  • Preassembled panels 1m-5m
  • 333mm or 400mm raster
  • Computer aided design
  • Panel allocation plan

Underfloor Heating/Cooling »

  • 16x2.0mm PeRT pipe
  • Computer aided design
  • Panel allocation plan

Control System »

  • Multifunctional control unit
  • Digital precocious thermostat
  • Internet based remote control
  • Weather compensation
  • Plug&Play installation