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Who we are

In today’s the more and more expensive energy costs are making serious challenges for all building owners or operators. The question for today is not that do we need the heating-cooling system modernization but more then when and how fast.


EU law and the Hungarian National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for future buildings strictly regulated the energy rationalization.
Significant energy savings can reach only with accurate design, high quality products and professional added knowledge base.
We have created the New Generation Building Solutions Hungary Kft. for the solutions of above mentioned challenges.

The solutions of NGBS Hungary Kft are much more than a product or a service.

The company's main activity is based around the building products of sustainable and low-energy solutions of modern buildings.
Our most important solutions are the designing, manufacturing, selling and provide technical support for architects, engineers and installers of surface heating-cooling systems (floor, wall and ceiling)
We are investigating the sustainability, energy saving, payback time and investment cost in systemic approach to provide the best price/performance solution for the projects.

Our professional reputation is thanks to the successfully realized several projects in the last 10 years and the technical support of famous architects and engineers.
Our systems are strongly support the 'Green Building' ratings: LEED, BREEAM, DGMB.

NGBS Hungary is ready to offer a full range and high quality services from design to construction.